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acid sharp or cutting in speech. [1/4 definitions]
blade the cutting part of a knife, sword, scissors, or saw. [1/4 definitions]
blowtorch a small device that makes a very hot, small flame for melting or cutting metal.
bore1 to make by cutting or digging through. [1/3 definitions]
breadboard a board used for cutting bread or used in the process of making bread.
carve to form or write by cutting. [1/2 definitions]
carving the work or result of cutting and shaping wood, stone, or other material.
chisel a metal tool with a sharp edge, used for cutting stone, wood, or metal. [1/2 definitions]
cleaver a heavy tool with a wide blade used especially by butchers for cutting meat.
clipper (often plural) a tool for clipping or cutting. [1/2 definitions]
cross section a part of something made visible by cutting straight through it. [1/2 definitions]
cut to allow cutting or being cut. [2/12 definitions]
cutlass a short, thick sword with one cutting edge and a curved blade.
deforestation the act or process of cutting down the trees of a forest.
diamond a clear mineral that is a crystal form of pure carbon. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known. They are used in making jewelry and as tools for cutting hard materials. [1/5 definitions]
downsize to reduce the size of (a company) by cutting down the number of its workers.
drill1 a tool with a shaft that has sharp cutting edges and is turned at a high speed to make holes in wood, metal, and other materials. [1/4 definitions]
dull not having a sharp cutting edge. [1/7 definitions]
edge the cutting side of a knife blade or other sharp tool. [1/6 definitions]
haircut the act or process of cutting hair. [1/2 definitions]
knife a tool with a handle and a thin, sharp blade, used for cutting. [1/2 definitions]