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aerobics (used with a singular or plural verb) a form of exercise that works the heart and lungs to help the body use oxygen better. Running, swimming, biking, or dance are forms of aerobics.
aesthetic having to do with beauty or art, including literature, dance, music, painting, drawing, and sculpture.
ballet a form of dance that uses exact, graceful movements. [2 definitions]
castanet one of a pair of wooden or ivory instruments that are partly hollowed out. They are held in the hand and clicked together to the rhythms of Spanish dance music.
chorus a group of people who sing and dance together in a show but do not play the parts of the main characters. [1/3 definitions]
concert a musical or dance performance before an audience; recital.
conga a dance from Cuba performed by people following a leader around the dance area in single file. [1/2 definitions]
dance a party or gathering where people come to dance. [1/7 definitions]
disc jockey a person whose job is to play recorded music on the radio or for an event such as a dance.
disco a style of popular dance music with a heavy, steady beat. [1/2 definitions]
folk dance A dance made up and handed down by the common people of a region or country. [2 definitions]
formal a dance or other social event to which formal clothing is worn. [1/5 definitions]
grouse1 a plump game bird with dull, spotted feathers. The male does a complicated dance or call for the female.
jig2 a fast, lively dance. [3/4 definitions]
Maypole a high pole decorated with flowers and ribbons, around which people dance to celebrate May Day.
polka a lively dance from central Europe that is done by pairs of people. [2 definitions]
recital a concert of music or dance that is meant to demonstrate the ability of the performers. [1/2 definitions]
reel3 a lively Scottish folk dance, or the music that it is danced to.
rock-'n'-roll to listen to, dance to, or play rock-'n'-roll. [1/2 definitions]
tap dance a dance in which the dancer uses the foot, heel, or toe to tap out a rhythm. Tap dancers wear special shoes to sound the taps.
waltz a round dance for two people. The waltz is a dance with three beats. [3 definitions]