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abstain to choose not to take part in a decision. [1/2 definitions]
advice an idea or opinion offered as help in making a choice or a decision.
agree to come to an understanding or a shared decision. [1/5 definitions]
arbitrate to make a decision about or settle. [1/2 definitions]
award to give as a result of a legal decision. [1/3 definitions]
consideration something that must be taken into account in making a decision. [1/3 definitions]
debate to try to make a decision about something; think over. [1/4 definitions]
decree an official order or decision by a ruler or government. [1/2 definitions]
determination the act of coming to a decision or settling something. [1/2 definitions]
find to come to a decision in a court of law. [1/6 definitions]
judgment a decision made by someone in power; an official decision; verdict. [1/2 definitions]
leave1 to let stay for action or for later decision. [1/5 definitions]
reasoning the process of using one's logical abilities to come to a conclusion about something, to make a decision, or to solve a problem.
rule to make a particular decision in a court of law. [1/7 definitions]
ruling a decision by an authority, as in a court of law. [1/2 definitions]
settle1 to come to a decision (often followed by "on" or "upon"). [1/9 definitions]
summit a meeting of government leaders of the highest level, especially one in which the leaders will negotiate and make decision together. [1/3 definitions]
sway to cause to change a decision or opinion. [1/6 definitions]
undecided not yet able to reach a decision; uncertain. [1/2 definitions]
verdict the decision of a judge or jury in a law case. [2 definitions]
vote a formal expression of a choice in an election or other group decision. [2/6 definitions]