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beat to win against; defeat. [1/9 definitions]
crush to put down or defeat without question. [1/5 definitions]
down1 (informal) to beat; defeat. [1/13 definitions]
fall a defeat or capture by force. [1/10 definitions]
lick (informal) to do better than or defeat. [1/7 definitions]
loss a defeat or failure to win. [1/5 definitions]
overcome to win against or defeat; to get over or past. [1/3 definitions]
overwhelm to beat or defeat by greater force; destroy. [1/2 definitions]
rout1 a total defeat. [2/4 definitions]
shellac (slang) to defeat. [1/4 definitions]
throw in the sponge to give up; to admit defeat.
upset the defeat of an opponent considered likely to win. [1/9 definitions]
whip (informal) to defeat. [1/7 definitions]