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a little to a small degree or for a small amount of time. [1/3 definitions]
a lot to a great degree or extent. [1/2 definitions]
any at all; to a degree [1/5 definitions]
as1 in the same way or manner that; to the same degree that. [1/7 definitions]
assess to look at and try to discover the quality or degree of (something); evaluate; estimate. [1/3 definitions]
B.A. a college degree earned after four years of study. B.A. is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts.
B.S.1 a college degree earned in a science, such as biology or chemistry, after four years of study. B.S. is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Science.
Cal. an abbreviation for large calorie, or large calories; the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree Celsius. [1/2 definitions]
comparative of or describing the form of adjectives and adverbs that indicate that one is talking about a greater degree of some quality. [2/4 definitions]
degrade to bring down from a higher to a lower rank or degree by taking away a position or title. [1/4 definitions]
diploma an official piece of paper stating that a student has earned a degree or finished a course of study. High schools, colleges, and universities give out diplomas.
doctor a person who has received the highest degree at a college or university. [1/2 definitions]
enough in a way or to a degree that is needed or required. [1/3 definitions]
equally to the same degree or extent. [1/2 definitions]
especially more than usually; to a great degree. [1/3 definitions]
every the greatest degree of; all possible. [1/2 definitions]
extra to a higher degree; more than is usual. [1/4 definitions]
extreme of a kind or degree that is much beyond what is average or normal. [3/5 definitions]
extremely very; to an extreme degree.
fall to become less; go down in amount, volume, or degree. [1/10 definitions]
fitness the degree to which someone is suitable for a job or role. [1/2 definitions]