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arrange to put in some kind of order, pattern, or design. [1/3 definitions]
bandanna a large handkerchief with a brightly colored design that is worn on the head or neck.
calculate to intend; design. [1/3 definitions]
check a design or pattern made up of small squares. [1/11 definitions]
decal a design or picture on specially prepared paper. Decals can be transferred from the paper to glass, metal, or other hard surfaces.
draft a drawing, design, or plan of something to be built. [1/8 definitions]
drawing a picture or design made by drawing. [1/3 definitions]
emboss to raise or represent in relief (a surface design). [2 definitions]
engineer one who is trained in the use or design of machines or engines, or in other technologies. [1/2 definitions]
engineering the study and practice of using scientific and mathematical knowledge to do practical things. Knowledge of engineering is needed to design and build roads, bridges, tools, and machines.
engrave to cut a design or lettering into. [1/2 definitions]
etch to create a picture, design or lettering on a hard surface such as glass or metal by removing parts of the surface with acid.
gadget a small tool or device with a clever design or unusual use.
geometry the shape, arrangement, or design of an object. [1/2 definitions]
head the side of a coin that shows the main design. [1/10 definitions]
imprint a mark or design made by pressing or printing on a surface. [1/4 definitions]
lace a fabric made of fine threads that has holes in it as part of the design. [1/3 definitions]
medal a flat, small piece of metal that has a design or words stamped on it, used as an honor or reward.
monogram a design made from two or more initials. A monogram is used to mark or decorate things such as a person's clothing or writing paper. [2 definitions]
mosaic a picture or design made with many small colored pieces of glass, tile, or stone. These pieces are fitted together and cemented into place.
paint to make a picture or design using paint. [1/4 definitions]