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antecedent the word or group of words that a pronoun refers to. In "The girls ate their dessert first," "girls" is the antecedent of "their."
cobbler a fruit dessert with a thick top crust that is baked in a deep dish. [1/2 definitions]
custard a cooked dessert made with eggs, milk, and sugar.
gelatin a dessert made with gelatin, water, fruit juice or flavoring, and sugar. [1/2 definitions]
ice a dessert made of sweetened crushed ice. [1/6 definitions]
Jell-O (trademark) a sweetened, fruit-flavored gelatin dessert.
jelly the British word for a clear, fruit-flavored gelatin dessert similar to Jell-O. [1/2 definitions]
pudding a soft, creamy, cooked dessert that is made with milk, flour, eggs, sugar, and flavoring. [2/3 definitions]
sherbet a frozen dessert made mainly of fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin.