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at length for a long time; in great detail. [1/2 definitions]
exacting needing great attention to detail. [1/2 definitions]
explain to make clear in speech or writing; show in detail. [1/3 definitions]
recite to list in detail. [1/2 definitions]
respect a particular point or detail (usually used with "in"). [1/6 definitions]
scrutinize to look at closely and carefully, with attention to detail.
sketch a drawing or painting that was done in a hurry or without detail. Sketches are sometimes done to prepare for later work. [1/5 definitions]
spell out to explain in detail so that no part is difficult to understand.
study to examine in detail. [1/9 definitions]
survey to examine carefully or in detail. [1/6 definitions]
thorough correct in every detail. [1/2 definitions]