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amphibian a small animal that spends part of its life cycle in water and part of its life cycle on land. Amphibians hatch in water and breathe with gills. Then they develop lungs so the adults can breathe air. Amphibians are cold-blooded animals with skeletons inside their bodies. Frogs, toads, and salamanders are amphibians. [1/2 definitions]
barnacle a small sea animal that attaches its shell to rocks, the bottom of ships, docks, and other objects in shallow parts of the ocean. Barnacles float freely in the ocean when they are young. They develop shells with sharp edges as adults. Barnacles are kinds of crustaceans.
brew to develop or plan (sometimes followed by "up"). [2/4 definitions]
bruise to have or develop a physical bruise. [1/3 definitions]
build up to enlarge, strengthen, or develop in stages. [1/2 definitions]
condition to respond in a certain way to things; to develop a habit of. [1/7 definitions]
cultivate to help grow and develop. [1/3 definitions]
dawn to start to grow; begin to develop. [1/5 definitions]
dumbbell a short bar with a heavy weight at each end. Dumbbells are used to develop muscles.
egg1 a cell in a female animal or in some kinds of plants that can develop into a new individual after it is fertilized. [1/2 definitions]
embryo an animal or plant that is just starting to develop. An embryo grows inside an egg, a seed, or its mother.
evolve to develop gradually; come into being. [2 definitions]
form to come into being; develop; arise. [1/8 definitions]
frost to develop or get a covering of frost or like frost. [1/5 definitions]
grow to come from or develop from. [1/5 definitions]
gymnastics (used with a plural verb) physical exercises used to develop and show strength, control, and agility. Gymnastics are often done with the aid of special equipment, such as bars and ropes. [1/2 definitions]
hatch1 to help young animals develop inside their eggs and then to break out or be born. Birds, reptiles, and certain kinds of fish hatch eggs. [1/3 definitions]
mushroom to appear, grow, spread, or develop quickly, like a mushroom. [1/3 definitions]
paragraph a part of something written made up of one or more sentences that develop a certain idea. A paragraph begins on a new line which is usually indented from the other lines.
plan to develop or design a plan for. [1/4 definitions]
progress to develop in a good way or grow. [1/4 definitions]