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carry off to cause to die. [1/2 definitions]
drown to die from lack of air as the result of being under water. [1/2 definitions]
estate all the property of a person or family; the property left by someone when they die. [1/2 definitions]
expire to die. [1/3 definitions]
kill1 to cause to die. [1/6 definitions]
martyr a person who chooses to die or be killed rather than give up his or her religion. [1/2 definitions]
mortal not living forever; having to die some day. [1/5 definitions]
on (one's) last legs having very little energy, strength, hope, or ability to go on; likely to collapse or die.
pass to stop living; die. [1/14 definitions]
perish to die or be destroyed by violence or in some other way that is not natural.
petrify to turn into stone. Minerals left behind by water petrify wood by replacing woods cells when they die. [1/2 definitions]
smother to be overcome or die from lack of air; suffocate. [1/5 definitions]
sponge the light skeleton of some kinds of sponge colonies. People harvest sponges after the animals die and then dry the skeletons. People use sponges for cleaning and bathing. [1/5 definitions]
starve to die or suffer from not eating and drinking. [1/3 definitions]
suffocate to die from lack of air. [1/3 definitions]