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bury to cover in the ground with dirt. [1/2 definitions]
clean to remove dirt or stains from; make clean. [1/6 definitions]
cleanse to make clean; remove dirt from.
dig to make a hole by removing dirt, sand, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
dust tiny, dry pieces of soil, dirt, or other material. [1/3 definitions]
dustpan a flat pan shaped like a small shovel with an attached handle. It is usually made of metal or plastic. A dustpan is used for gathering up dust or dirt while sweeping with a broom.
earth soil or dirt. [1/4 definitions]
earthen made up of earth, soil, or dirt. [1/2 definitions]
filter a device used to remove dirt or other solids from liquids or gases. A filter can be made of paper, charcoal, or other material with tiny holes in it. [2/5 definitions]
foul to make dirty or put dirt in or on. [1/11 definitions]
grime dirt clinging to or rubbed into a surface.
ground1 dirt; earth. [1/9 definitions]
mound a slightly raised hill of dirt in the center of a baseball field. The pitcher throws from this mound. [1/3 definitions]
purification the process of removing dirt, bacteria, or other unwanted elements; make pure. [1/2 definitions]
sanitize to get rid of germs or dirt; make sanitary.
sweep to clear of dirt or dust by using a broom or brush. [1/10 definitions]
trench a ditch that is packed on one side with the dirt dug from it, used as shelter and a place of protection from enemy fire. [1/3 definitions]
trowel a hand tool with a broad, curved blade used for digging dirt in a garden. [1/2 definitions]
wallow to roll the body in mud, sand, dirt, or water.
windshield wiper a long, narrow piece of rubber attached to a metal blade that moves mechanically across a front or rear window of a car or other vehicle. A windshield wiper moves back and forth to remove raindrops, snow, leaves, dirt, or the like from the windshield.