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ammunition any means used in a disagreement or battle to attack or defend an opinion. [1/2 definitions]
argue to express disagreement; quarrel. [1/3 definitions]
clash a fight, battle, or disagreement. [1/5 definitions]
compromise a settlement of a disagreement in which each side gives up something, or the result of such a settlement. [1/3 definitions]
conflict strong disagreement or bad feeling between people. [1/3 definitions]
controversy a disagreement; debate.
difference a disagreement or argument. [1/4 definitions]
dissent a difference of opinion; disagreement. [1/2 definitions]
friction disagreement between people or groups of people; conflict. [1/3 definitions]
idiom a phrase that cannot be understood by understanding the meanings of each of its words. The phrase "fall out," meaning "have a disagreement," is an idiom.
protest to express objection to or disagreement with, in a planned, organized way. [1/4 definitions]
quarrel an angry argument or disagreement. [1/3 definitions]
split to break or fall apart, as from pressure or disagreement. [1/11 definitions]
thumbs-down a sign or gesture that shows disapproval, dissatisfaction, or disagreement.
uproar a very active debate or public disagreement. [1/2 definitions]