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break to stop or disappear suddenly. [1/19 definitions]
come out of a stain, to disappear. [1/5 definitions]
die1 to fade away; gradually disappear (usually followed by "away", "down", or "out"). [1/4 definitions]
dissolve to mix completely with liquid. [1/5 definitions]
evaporate to disappear as if vaporized. [1/2 definitions]
fade to gradually disappear (sometimes followed by "out" or "away"). [1/4 definitions]
lift to disappear or move away because of an upward force. [1/9 definitions]
run out to disappear because of use; to become used up or spent. [1/2 definitions]
scroll to move the text up, down, or sideways on a computer screen so that new parts of it appear as other parts disappear. [1/2 definitions]
swallow1 to take in and cover completely; make disappear (usually followed by "up"). [1/6 definitions]
vanish to disappear suddenly from sight. [1/2 definitions]
wear off to become less or disappear gradually.