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bowl1 a deep, rounded dish used for holding food or liquid. [1/5 definitions]
casserole a dish, often deep and covered, in which food can be baked and served. [2 definitions]
chili a dish like a thick soup made with red beans, ground meat, onion, and tomato sauce, and flavored with a spice made from chilies. [1/2 definitions]
cobbler a fruit dessert with a thick top crust that is baked in a deep dish. [1/2 definitions]
dish up to put (food) into a dish in order to serve.
hash1 a dish of chopped meat and vegetables that have already been cooked. Hash is fried or heated again in gravy. [1/2 definitions]
lasagna long, wide, flat noodles, or a dish made of these noodles that is baked with sauce, cheese and ground meat or vegetables.
macaroni and cheese a popular lunch or dinner dish made with noodles combined with a cheese sauce. The noodles are called macaroni, and they have the shape of short, curved tubes. Macaroni and cheese is served hot, either as an entree or a side dish.
mat1 a small piece of material that is placed under a vase or dish, used to protect a surface or as a decoration. [1/6 definitions]
plate a flat, round dish from which food is served or eaten; the food on such a dish. [1/7 definitions]
platter a large shallow dish used for serving food.
pudding the British word for a hot dish made with flour and eggs, containing fruit or meat or vegetables. [1/3 definitions]
recipe a list of ingredients and instructions for making a food dish.
saucer a small, shallow dish used for holding a cup.
side dish a portion of food, often vegetables, that is served along with the main dish of a meal.
stew a dish, similar to a soup, made of meat or fish with vegetables and boiled slowly. [1/3 definitions]
taco a Mexican dish made of a folded tortilla with a filling such as meat or cheese.
tamale a Mexican dish of ground meat wrapped in cornmeal dough. Tamales are cooked in corn husks.