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cheat a person who acts in a dishonest way in order to gain something. [3 definitions]
corrupt to cause to become dishonest or wicked. [1/4 definitions]
insincere showing false or dishonest feelings or opinions; hypocritical.
loot goods taken by stealing or other dishonest means. [1/4 definitions]
racket1 dishonest activities by a group of people whose aim is to cheat others of their money. [1/2 definitions]
rascal a dishonest person; scoundrel. [1/2 definitions]
rogue a person who is dishonest or mean. [1/3 definitions]
slippery not to be trusted; dishonest. [1/3 definitions]
sneak a person who is cowardly, dishonest, or sly; someone who is not worthy of being trusted. [1/3 definitions]
underhand secret and sneaky; in a dishonest way. [1/3 definitions]