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ah a word used to express surprise, joy, pain, understanding, dislike, and other feelings.
animosity strong dislike or behavior that shows strong dislike.
boo a word used to express dislike. [3/4 definitions]
detest to have a strong dislike for; hate.
disagreeable causing dislike; not pleasant. [1/2 definitions]
disfavor an opinion that is not favorable; dislike or disapproval.
disgust to cause strong dislike or illness in. [2 definitions]
dread to look ahead to with worry or dislike. [1/4 definitions]
hate to dislike very strongly; detest.
hatred a feeling of hate or strong dislike.
hiss to show dislike by hissing. [1/4 definitions]
horror a strong dislike. [1/3 definitions]
hostile feeling or showing dislike; unfriendly. [1/2 definitions]
ill will unfriendly feelings; dislike.
loathe to dislike very much; hate.
object to dislike or be against something; show disapproval. [1/6 definitions]
rebel to show feelings of strong dislike or opposition. [1/5 definitions]
repellent causing disgust or dislike. [1/3 definitions]
snub to ignore as a way to show dislike, dissatisfaction, or contempt. [1/2 definitions]