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array a large and impressive set of things; display. [1/5 definitions]
behind the scenes not in view or on display; in private; in secret.
blaze1 an intense display of color. [1/4 definitions]
cage a box or space closed in by wire or bars, used to keep and display animals or birds. [1/4 definitions]
exhibit to show or display. [2/3 definitions]
exposition a public display of tools or goods; exhibition. [1/2 definitions]
gallery a building used to display or sell art. [1/2 definitions]
icon on a phone or computer display, a small drawing that is used as a symbol. Clicking on the symbol requests a certain action from the computer, such as opening a file, taking a user to a location, or playing an audio. [1/3 definitions]
model a person whose job is to display new clothing by wearing it for customers or posing for photographs. [1/10 definitions]
mount1 to set firmly into position on a surface for study or display; attach or set in place. [2/7 definitions]
parade to show off or display. [1/3 definitions]
pointer a device, such as a stick or laser, used to show points on a map or other display. [1/4 definitions]
pomp a splendid display; magnificence.
proudly with a feeling or display of pride.
show to display or exhibit. [2/10 definitions]
silhouette to outline or display in silhouette. [1/3 definitions]
table an organized display of information laid out in rows and columns. [1/4 definitions]
tray a flat, open piece of wood, metal, or plastic used to carry, hold, or display food, drink, or small items. It often has a low rim. [1/2 definitions]