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aloof showing little interest in or desire to be involved with other people; distant.
away distant in time or location. [1/6 definitions]
correspondent a person who reports news or contributes articles regularly to a newspaper, magazine, TV network, or the like, from a distant area. [1/2 definitions]
far distant in space or time. [2/4 definitions]
faraway distant or remote. [2 definitions]
farther more distant; to or at a greater distance. "Farther" is a comparative form of the adjective far. [1/2 definitions]
farthest most far or distant. "Farthest" is a superlative of "far." [1/2 definitions]
further more distant; to or at a greater distance. "Further" is a comparative form of the adjective far. [1/4 definitions]
furthest most distant in time or space. "Furthest" is a superlative form of the adverb far. [1/2 definitions]
outer of or having to do with the part most distant from the center.
outlying away from the center of something; distant.
recede1 to move away or back; become more distant. [1/2 definitions]
sulk to express anger or bad humor by being silent or distant. [1/2 definitions]
telescope an instrument that uses lenses and sometimes mirrors to make distant objects appear larger.
thunder the loud cracking noise or low distant rumble that follows a flash of lightning. Thunder is caused by the violent movement of air masses. [1/5 definitions]
trading post a store in a frontier area or other place far from towns. At a trading post, local products can be traded for goods brought from distant places.
unfriendly not friendly; distant, unpleasant, or mean to other people. [1/2 definitions]
vista a distant view as seen from a particular point or through an opening such as between buildings or trees.
yonder (informal) somewhat distant, but within sight. [1/2 definitions]