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branch a part or division of the main part of something. [1/4 definitions]
brownie (capital) a member of the junior division of the Girl Scouts. [1/3 definitions]
class a group or division that is based on quality. [2/8 definitions]
denomination a religious group or division. [1/2 definitions]
denominator the number in a fraction that is below the division line. It shows the number of equal parts into which the top number is to be divided.
divide to separate a number into equal sets of another number by using division. [1/5 definitions]
grade a division made by age to group school children for instruction, or the children who belong to such a division. [1/7 definitions]
meter2 the rhythmic measure in music provided by the division of notes into equal units or bars. [1/3 definitions]
Northern Ireland a division of the United Kingdom, in the northeastern part of the island of Ireland. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.
numerator the number in a fraction that is above the division line, over the denominator.
slash a punctuation mark (/). It has the meaning of "or" as in "and/or" or "per" as in "miles/hour." This mark is also used to show division in math and to separate parts of an internet address. [1/5 definitions]
split a division between two or more people. [1/10 definitions]