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accomplishment something that has been successfully done or completed; an achievement. [1/2 definitions]
acknowledgment something done to express thanks or show appreciation. [1/2 definitions]
act a thing that is done; deed. [1/9 definitions]
action something that is done for a particular purpose. [1/6 definitions]
aerial having to do with or done by means of flying. [1/3 definitions]
affront something that is said or done on purpose to be rude or mean. [1/2 definitions]
agenda a list of things to be done or talked about.
ambitious requiring great effort to be done successfully. [1/2 definitions]
amends (used with a singular or plural verb) something given or paid to make up for a wrong done to a person or group.
auto- a prefix that means done by oneself or itself.
automatic done without having to think about it. [1/2 definitions]
badge a pin, patch, or ribbon people wear to show that they belong to a group, have a particular job, or have done something special.
be used with the past participle of another verb to connect the subject of the sentence to actions done to it. [1/8 definitions]
bravo "good!"; "well done!"
careful done with care and effort. [1/2 definitions]
casual done without much attention, planning, or thought; offhand. [1/3 definitions]
celebration anything that is planned or done in order to honor something. [1/2 definitions]
ceremony a formal act or series of acts done in a particular way to honor a special occasion. [1/2 definitions]
charge a claim that a person has done something wrong; accusation. [1/12 definitions]
check to put a mark next to in order to show that something is correct or has been done (often followed by "off"). [1/11 definitions]
clean done or made without difficulty or mistake. [1/6 definitions]