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arch1 a curved structure made out of stone or brick and used to span an open space such as a door. [1/4 definitions]
awning a cover made of canvas or other material that is placed over a door or window. An awning keeps out sun and rain.
bolt1 a metal or wooden bar on a door that slides into an opening in the frame. When the bolt is inserted into the frame, the door stays closed. [1/8 definitions]
cabinet a piece of furniture with shelves, compartments, or drawers and usually covered by a door or doors. Cabinets are used to store or hold objects. [1/2 definitions]
doorbell a bell on an outside door that is rung by a person who wants to be let inside.
doorknob a rounded handle or knob used to open and close a door.
doorstep a step or series of steps leading up to an outside door.
hall the room or entrance area just inside the main door of a building; lobby. [1/3 definitions]
hatch2 a cover or door for such an opening. [1/2 definitions]
hinge a device on a door, window, or lid made of two pieces connected so that one piece can open, close, or swing upon the other. [1/3 definitions]
knob a rounded piece on a door or drawer; a switch on a machine.
knock to rap, pound, or hit something, such as a door. [1/6 definitions]
knocker a metal piece with a hinge that is attached to the outside of a door. A knocker is used to call for those inside.
leaf the part of a table top, door, or the like that can be removed or is hinged. [1/5 definitions]
lock1 a mechanical device for keeping others from opening a door, window, or a safe. Locks are usually opened with a key or a combination. [1/5 definitions]
molding a strip of wood, stone, or other material used to frame or finish a door, window or wall. Moldings are often used for decoration in a home. [1/2 definitions]
pane a sheet of glass in a window or door.
panel a section of a door, wall, or other surface that is set apart from the area around it by being raised, sunken, or decorated. [1/4 definitions]
peddle to offer for sale on the street or from door to door.
sill a horizontal strip or block serving as the bottom of a window or door frame.
threshold the piece of wood or stone underneath a door that forms the bottom of the doorway. [1/2 definitions]