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accentuate to give more emphasis to; draw attention to.
bellows (used with a singular or plural verb) a bag that can be expanded to draw air in and squeezed to force air out. Bellows are used to blow air on a fire or produce sound on a musical instrument.
breathe to draw air into the lungs and let it out. [1/2 definitions]
bullfight a public show held in an arena in which performers first tease and tire out a bull, and then one person using a cape to draw the bull near tries to kill it with a sword. Bullfighting is popular in Spain and Mexico.
chalk a substance made from natural chalk that is formed into round sticks that can be used to write or draw with, especially on a blackboard or on pavement. [2/3 definitions]
close to draw together; join. [1/14 definitions]
command to draw out or call for; to capture. [1/7 definitions]
crayon to color or draw with crayon. [1/2 definitions]
design to make or draw plans for the structure or form of. [1/5 definitions]
distract to draw away the attention of. [1/2 definitions]
divert to draw away from; distract. [2/3 definitions]
doodle to draw or scribble without purpose. [1/2 definitions]
drawn past participle of draw.
drew past tense of draw.
eyeliner makeup used to draw a thin line on the edges of the eyelids.
fish to pull or draw out (often followed by "up" or "out"). [1/5 definitions]
flinch to draw away suddenly in pain or fear.
gulp to quickly draw in a breath; to gasp. [1/4 definitions]
hey a word used to draw attention or to show surprise, mild delight, or anger.
illustrate to draw pictures to go along with a book or other written material. [1/2 definitions]
intrigue to draw the strong interest of; puzzle; fascinate. [1/2 definitions]