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aesthetic having to do with beauty or art, including literature, dance, music, painting, drawing, and sculpture.
art the field of visual works such as painting and drawing. [1/4 definitions]
blueprint a print of a drawing that shows a building plan. Blueprints usually have white lines on a blue background. [1/2 definitions]
cartoon a drawing or series of drawings that make people laugh or think; comic strip. Cartoons often have words to show what a character is thinking or saying or to help explain what is happening. [1/2 definitions]
charcoal a piece of charcoal or a pencil that contains charcoal, used for drawing. [1/2 definitions]
compass (often plural) an instrument with two hinged legs that is used for drawing circles. One leg ends in a point and the other holds a pencil. [1/2 definitions]
contract to make smaller by drawing together; shrink or make tighter. [1/6 definitions]
crayon a colored stick or pencil made of wax. A crayon is used for drawing and coloring. [1/2 definitions]
cross out to remove something by drawing a line through it.
diagram a drawing or plan that shows the parts of something or how the parts work together. [1/2 definitions]
doodle a drawing, sketch, or scribble made without a purpose. [1/2 definitions]
draft a drawing, design, or plan of something to be built. [1/8 definitions]
drawing a picture or design made by drawing. [1/3 definitions]
-graph a suffix that means "something for writing, drawing, recording, or sending." [1/2 definitions]
illustration a picture or drawing used to explain or decorate a book or other written material. [1/2 definitions]
pastel a crayon that is like chalk, used in drawing. [2/5 definitions]
pen1 a long, thin tool used for writing or drawing in ink.
pencil a long, thin tool used for writing or drawing. Pencils are made of a narrow stick of graphite held within a case of wood. [1/2 definitions]
picture a painting, drawing, or photograph. [2/7 definitions]
plan a drawing that shows how something is to be built. [1/4 definitions]
plate a drawing or picture in a book, often in color and covering an entire page. [1/5 definitions]