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Arctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator which marks the boundary of the Arctic. North of this line there are periods of continuous night in the winter and continuous day in the summer.
drawl to speak slowly with vowel sounds drawn out. [1/2 definitions]
drawstring a cord or string that is drawn through fabric and pulled to tighten or close an opening, as of pants, a bag, or the like.
foul line either of the lines on a baseball field drawn from home plate through first and third bases to the outfield. Foul lines mark the area within which fair play takes place. [2 definitions]
fountain pen a pen that holds a small supply of ink, which is drawn to the pen's point.
graffito something written, scratched, or drawn on subway cars, buses, or walls in public places.
-graph a suffix that means "something drawn or written." [1/2 definitions]
hopscotch a children's game in which players toss a stone onto a pattern of numbered squares drawn on the ground. The players then hop or jump from square to square, picking up the stone as they move.
huddle a small group of people or animals pushed or drawn together. [1/5 definitions]
hydrant an upright pipe with a valve from which water can be drawn from a water main.
map a picture of a particular area of the earth or sky drawn or printed to scale on a flat surface. [1/3 definitions]
oil well a well from which petroleum is drawn or pumped.
pastel drawn using pastels. [1/5 definitions]
ponytail a hair style in which all the hair is drawn up and tied at the back so that the ends hang free.
raffle a game in which the person who has bought the ticket that is drawn wins a prize. [1/2 definitions]
scrawl something written or drawn in a quick or careless way. [1/2 definitions]
stitch a single loop of thread or yarn drawn through cloth or other material. [1/5 definitions]
taut tightly drawn, pulled, or stretched; not loose.
wagon a vehicle with four wheels that is used to carry heavy loads. Wagons are usually drawn by horses, tractors, or trucks. [1/2 definitions]