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alcoholism a disease caused by the habit of drinking too much alcohol. Alcoholism is characterized by a strong desire to drink alcohol, difficulties in behaving properly, and troubling effects when alcohol use is stopped.
ale an alcoholic drink that is like beer but more bitter.
appetizer a small amount of food or drink served before a meal.
bee an insect with a hairy body, four wings, and sometimes a stinger. Some kinds of bees live in social groups, and some live alone. Many bees drink nectar from flowers.
beer an alcoholic drink made of hops and malt. [2 definitions]
bolt1 to eat or drink in a hurry without chewing or tasting. [1/8 definitions]
brandy a strong alcoholic drink that is made with fermented fruit juice or wine.
brew a drink made by brewing. [1/4 definitions]
buttermilk a sour liquid left after making butter from milk. Buttermilk is used as a drink or in cooking.
canteen a small store that sells food, drink, and some personal supplies. Canteens are found in schools, factories, and military bases. [1/2 definitions]
check a bill for food and drink at a bar or restaurant. [1/11 definitions]
chocolate a drink made by mixing sweet chocolate with water or milk. [1/6 definitions]
clove1 the dried flower bud of an East Indian tree, used to flavor food or drink.
cocktail1 a drink made with alcohol and juice, soda, or other beverages. [2 definitions]
cocoa a drink made by mixing this powder with milk or water and sugar. [1/3 definitions]
coffee a tropical plant that produces beans. These beans are used to make a dark brown drink. [2 definitions]
diet1 the food and drink usually eaten and drunk by a person or animal. [2/3 definitions]
down1 to drink quickly; gulp. [1/13 definitions]
drank past tense of drink.
drink to drink alcoholic beverages. [1/6 definitions]
drunk having had too much alcohol to drink; intoxicated. [2/3 definitions]