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beach to pull or drive from the water onto the beach and cause to be stuck there. [1/2 definitions]
belt a continuous band of heavy, flexible material used to drive a machine or carry materials. [1/3 definitions]
chase1 to force to go in a certain direction; drive away. [1/3 definitions]
chauffeur a person whose job is to drive an automobile.
commute to ride or drive a long distance to and from work or school. [1/2 definitions]
compel to force or drive to do something.
corral to drive into or keep in or as if in a corral. [1/2 definitions]
dispel to scatter or drive away in all directions.
disperse to drive away in all directions; scatter. [1/3 definitions]
Dr. an abbreviation for Drive. [1/2 definitions]
drive-in any business that serves people who drive up and are seated in their cars.
drove1 past tense of drive.
escalator a set of stairs that moves by means of a belt drive. An escalator carries people between floors of large buildings, such as department stores, airports, or train stations.
expel to force out or drive out. [1/2 definitions]
gigabyte 1,073,741,824 bytes. The capacity of a computer's hard drive is often measured in gigabytes. The abbreviation for gigabyte is G or GB.
hard drive a device for storing information on a computer's hard disk. A hard drive can be built into a computer or can sit outside the computer and be connected to it by a cable.
herd to drive or lead a herd of. [1/4 definitions]
highway a major public road on which one can drive at high speeds, especially between cities.
hit to drive or send by striking. [1/9 definitions]
hockey a sport played on ice, with two teams of six skating players; ice hockey. Each team tries to drive a puck into the other's goal using sticks. [1/2 definitions]
hoot to drive out, off, or away with shouts or cries. [1/6 definitions]