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bead any small, round object, such as a drop of liquid or a gas bubble. [1/3 definitions]
bomber a plane used in war to carry and drop bombs. [1/2 definitions]
butternut a tree of North America with leaves that drop every year. The butternut is related to the walnut. [1/2 definitions]
deciduous having leaves that drop off each year.
decline a drop or loss. [1/4 definitions]
dump to drop in one big load. [1/3 definitions]
fall to drop downward from a higher place; descend. [2/10 definitions]
nod to drop the head in sleep for a short time. [1/4 definitions]
parachute to drop or deliver by parachute. [1/3 definitions]
plop to drop in a heavy manner or with force. [2/3 definitions]
raindrop a drop of rain.
sink to fall or drop slowly to another level. [2/8 definitions]
spatter a bit, drop, or splash of something spattered. [1/4 definitions]
sprinkle to drop or scatter in small bits. [2/5 definitions]
straggle to stray from or drop behind a group.
tear1 a drop of salty liquid that comes from the eye. Tears clean the eye and keep it wet. [1/2 definitions]
vapor a liquid or solid that has become a gas because of heat or a drop in pressure. [1/2 definitions]