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bass drum a large drum that makes a low, booming sound.
baton a rod or staff of hollow metal that is carried or spun by a drum major or majorette. [1/3 definitions]
bongo2 a small drum played with the fingers. Bongos come in connected pairs.
conga a tall drum played with the hands. [1/2 definitions]
drum a percussion instrument shaped like a cylinder. A drum has a hollow body covered at one or both ends by a tight material. It is played by beating with sticks or the hands. [2/5 definitions]
drumstick a stick used to play a drum. [1/2 definitions]
kettledrum a large, deep drum that is shaped like a bowl and played with soft mallets.
majorette see "drum majorette."
snare2 a string or wire that is stretched over the bottom skin of a snare drum.
snare drum a small drum fitted with snares or wires that make a rattling sound.
tambourine a small drum that has metal disks attached around the rim. The player shakes the tambourine with one hand and strikes it with other.
taps (used with a singular verb) the signal played on a trumpet or drum in the U.S. military forces. Taps are used as a signal for lights to be put out, or at the end of a funeral service.
tom-tom a small or narrow drum, usually played by beating with the hands.
trap1 (plural) the percussion instruments in a band or orchestra; drum set. [1/5 definitions]
winch a machine, run by motor or hand, that pulls or lifts objects by a rope or cable that is wound around a drum.