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drake an adult male duck.
duck1 a female duck. The male is often called a drake. [1/2 definitions]
duckling a young duck.
fowl a wild bird, such as a duck, goose, pheasant, or quail, that is hunted for its meat. [1/2 definitions]
goose a water bird that looks like a duck but is usually larger, with a longer neck and legs and a more pointed bill. Some geese are raised by farmers, and some are found in the wild. [1/4 definitions]
mallard a common wild duck. The male has a shiny dark green head and neck.
platypus a mammal with a wide bill, a long, flat tail, and webbed feet for swimming. Platypuses live near streams in Australia. They are one of only two kinds of mammals that lay eggs. They are sometimes called duck-billed platypuses.
quack1 the sound that a duck makes. [2 definitions]
teal a small duck with a short neck that lives in and around fresh water. [1/2 definitions]