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action fighting that occurs during a war. [1/6 definitions]
alert a warning of possible danger or the time during which such a warning lasts. [1/3 definitions]
altar boy a young male person who assists the clergy in religious services; acolyte.
altar girl a girl who is trained to help the priest during church worship services.
armor a suit made of leather, metal, or other strong material, worn to protect the body during battle. [1/4 definitions]
assumption something that is supposed or believed without questioning. For example, if you ask someone whether she is allowed to watch TV during dinner, you have made an assumption that there is a TV in her house. Assumptions are ideas people have that are not based on proven facts. An assumption can be correct or incorrect. [1/2 definitions]
at1 on or upon the occurrence of; during the time of. [1/5 definitions]
axis (capitalized) the name for the union of Germany, Italy, Japan, and other countries during the Second World War. [1/2 definitions]
baggage suitcases, bags, or trunks used to carry things during travel; luggage.
baking powder a powder that is used to raise dough or batter during baking.
baking soda a white powder used to raise dough or batter during baking. It is also used to settle an upset stomach.
baste2 to keep moist with a liquid during cooking.
battle a fight between two armed persons or forces during a war. [1/4 definitions]
between during a set time period. [1/5 definitions]
bib a piece of cloth tied under the chin. A bib is worn by babies to protect the clothing during a meal. [1/2 definitions]
blockade the shutting off of traffic into and out of a place. Military forces do this to seaports or cities during wars. [1/2 definitions]
bobolink a black, yellow, and white North American songbird that is named for its cry. Bobolinks move from one region to another during certain times of the year.
breath the air that flows into and out of the lungs during breathing. [1/3 definitions]
budget a plan for how much money will be spent and earned during a certain period. [1/3 definitions]
by during. [1/10 definitions]
chivalry the qualities expected of an ideal knight during the Middle Ages in Europe. These included courage, honor, politeness, and being prepared to help those in need.