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beneficial having a good or favorable effect; helpful.
best with the most success or effect. [1/6 definitions]
break to soften the effect of. [1/19 definitions]
cause something or someone that brings about a result or effect. [1/4 definitions]
circumstance a condition or fact connected with or having an effect on an event or situation.
disagree to have a harmful effect (usually followed by "with"). [1/3 definitions]
figure of speech words used in an unusual way to produce a certain effect. Metaphors and similes are figures of speech.
gesture an action meant to show feeling or that is done for effect. [1/3 definitions]
global warming an increase in the world's temperatures, which many scientists believe is caused in part by the greenhouse effect.
greenhouse effect the warming of the earth's surface that takes place when heat from the sun is held in by the earth's atmosphere. The greenhouse effect can be caused by too much carbon dioxide being released into the air from the burning of fossil fuels.
hit to have a strong effect on. [1/9 definitions]
impact a strong and powerful effect. [1/2 definitions]
implementation the act, process, or way of carrying (something) out or putting (something) into effect.
impressive having a lasting effect on the mind or feelings; making a strong impression.
imprint a lasting effect. [1/4 definitions]
influence the power or invisible action of a thing or person that causes some kind of effect on another. [1/3 definitions]
interact to have an effect on or change one another. [1/2 definitions]
interaction action of one upon another or others; action in response to others; influence, or effect.
invalid2 no longer legal or in effect; void; not valid.
jar2 to have a bad effect on; upset. [1/4 definitions]
medium a substance that is a means of passing on a force or an effect. [1/6 definitions]