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Alexandria a city in Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea at the tip of the Nile delta. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great.
Cairo the capital city of Egypt, on the Nile River.
Egypt a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Egypt is also called the Arab Republic of Egypt. Cairo is the capital of Egypt.
Egyptian of or having to do with Egypt or its people. [3 definitions]
Nile the longest river in the world. It flows north from Uganda in East Africa through Sudan and Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea.
papyrus a tall water plant of the Nile valley in Egypt grown as an ornamental plant and once used to make a material like paper. [2 definitions]
Passover a Jewish holiday that celebrates the escape of the ancient Hebrews from Egypt.
pharaoh a king of ancient Egypt.
pyramid a huge stone structure that is shaped like a pyramid. Pyramids were built long ago as tombs in Egypt and as temples in Mexico. [1/3 definitions]
sphinx (capitalized) the huge stone statue of such a creature that is located in Egypt. [1/2 definitions]
Sudan a country in northeastern Africa, south of Egypt. The capital of Sudan is Khartoum.
Suez Canal a canal in northeastern Egypt. It crosses the Isthmus of Suez and connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.