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blade a thin, flat part, as of an oar or an electric fan. [1/4 definitions]
bulb a device made of rounded glass used to create electric light. [1/3 definitions]
bumper car one of a number of miniature electric cars that are part of an amusement at a fair or carnival. People ride in the cars and try to bump into other cars or escape from being bumped. The cars are designed to be safe and enjoyable for the riders.
cable a bundle of insulated wires used to carry electric current. [1/5 definitions]
circuit the closed path followed by an electric current. [1/4 definitions]
circuit breaker a switch or other device that automatically breaks an electric circuit when too much electricity flows through it.
diesel engine a type of engine that burns fuel oil. Diesel engines are different from most car engines, which use an electric spark to ignite the fuel. In a diesel engine, the fuel is sprayed into a chamber and set on fire by the heat of air that has been put under high pressure. Big trucks have diesel engines.
dimmer a device that controls the brightness of an electric light.
direct current an electric current that flows in one direction.
disconnect to break the flow of electric current to; separate from the power source. [1/2 definitions]
dry cell an electric battery cell in which the chemicals are stored as a paste that will not spill.
dynamo a machine that produces electric current. [1/2 definitions]
electrical having to do with electricity; electric.
electrode a part of an electric or electronic device. An electrode allows electric current to enter or leave a device such as a battery.
electromagnet an iron or steel core with wire wound around it. It becomes magnetic when an electric current is passed through the wire.
fan1 a machine that makes air move by means of spinning blades. It is usually driven by an electric motor. [1/3 definitions]
filament a fine wire that lights or heats up when electric current is passed through it. [1/2 definitions]
floodlight an electric lamp that shines a bright beam of light over a wide area.
food processor an electric kitchen appliance that has a container and different kinds of blades. It is used to grind, grate, chop, slice, or otherwise prepare food.
live2 carrying electric current. [1/4 definitions]
neon a gas that is one of the chemical elements. Neon is used in making electric signs, because it glows orange when an electric current passes through it. (symbol: Ne) [1/2 definitions]