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brownout a cut or reduction of electrical power in a neighborhood or city.
buzzer an electrical device that signals by buzzing.
can opener a device used for opening cans. Some can openers can be operated by hand while others are small electrical appliances.
charge the amount of electricity in an object. Charge causes electrical energy to flow in a current. The movement of electrical energy from one point to another is caused by a difference between the charges at the two points. An electrical charge can be positive or negative. [1/12 definitions]
charged carrying electrical energy.
charging station a machine that supplies electrical energy to cars or other vehicles that use electricity to power them.
cord a covered wire used to supply power from an electrical outlet to an appliance such as a toaster or lamp. [1/4 definitions]
diaphragm a thin disk in electronic tools such as microphones, speakers, and telephones. In a microphone, the diaphragm changes sound vibrations into electrical signals. In a speaker, it changes electrical signals into sound vibrations. [1/2 definitions]
electrician one whose job is to install or repair electrical equipment.
electricity electrical current. [1/3 definitions]
fuse2 an electrical device with a connection that melts if there is too much heat. Fuses protect buildings by breaking a circuit before a fire can start. [1/4 definitions]
generator the part of a car that generates electrical energy for the car. [1/2 definitions]
ground1 to connect to an electrical ground. [1/9 definitions]
ion an atom or group of atoms that has an electrical charge.
kilowatt a unit of electrical power equal to one thousand watts. (abbreviated: kw, kW)
line1 a wire or set of wires that carry signals in an electrical or telephone system. [1/11 definitions]
neutron a small particle present in the nucleus of all atoms except the hydrogen atom. Neutrons have no electrical charge. The mass of a neutron is about equal to the mass of a proton.
outlet the point in an electrical system where the cord is plugged into the current. [1/4 definitions]
ozone a form of oxygen that occurs when oxygen is exposed to an electrical charge, like lightning. It is found naturally in Earth's atmosphere.
plug a device with two or three prongs on the end of an electrical cord. It is put into an outlet to make a connection with an electric circuit. [1/4 definitions]
power point the British word for the point in an electrical system where the cord is plugged into the current. "Power point" has the same meaning as "outlet."