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amplifier an electronic device used to make sound louder.
audio a particular sound recording, often giving instructions, information, or a sample of a longer recording, made to be heard on a computer or other electronic device. [1/4 definitions]
beep a short, high sound that serves as a signal. A beep is made by an electronic device or a car horn. [1/3 definitions]
bionic an electronic or mechanical device that replaces or helps something natural. An artificial leg is one kind of bionic device.
computer an electronic device that is used to store and sort information and work with data at a high speed.
diaphragm a thin disk in electronic tools such as microphones, speakers, and telephones. In a microphone, the diaphragm changes sound vibrations into electrical signals. In a speaker, it changes electrical signals into sound vibrations. [1/2 definitions]
earphone a small speaker that fits on or in the ear for listening to sound from a radio, tape player, telephone, or other electronic machine.
electrode a part of an electric or electronic device. An electrode allows electric current to enter or leave a device such as a battery.
email the practice or system by which written messages are sent from one computer to another; electronic mail. [2/4 definitions]
facsimile an electronic method of sending images, or an image sent by this means. [1/2 definitions]
hardware all the mechanical and electronic parts of a computer. [1/2 definitions]
hearing aid a small electronic device that makes sound louder and is worn to make poor hearing better.
Internet the world's largest computer network, which is made of millions of computers that are linked together. Some parts of the Internet are the World Wide Web, electronic mail, and chat rooms.
keypad a small panel with keys or buttons. Keypads are used to send a signal to an electronic device. Computers, telephones, calculators, and remote controls all have keypads.
kilobyte a unit of measurement equal to 1,024 bytes. Kilobytes are used to measure the amount of electronic information that can be stored by a computer. (abbreviated: k)
light pen an electronic device that can detect light and dark areas on a computer screen. It is used to select objects on the screen.
line1 a wire or set of wires that carries electricity or electronic signals. [1/10 definitions]
loudspeaker an electronic device that makes sound louder and broadcasts it in one area, such as a room or a stadium.
megabyte a unit of measurement equal to 1,048,576 bytes. Megabytes are used to measure the amount of electronic information that can be stored by a computer.
microchip a tiny plate of silicon that holds many electronic parts. Microchips are used to run computers and other devices.
microphone a device that changes sound waves into electronic signals. Microphones are used to make sounds louder or to broadcast or record them.