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abolitionist a person who supported Abolition, or the ending of slavery, before the Civil War.
bicuspid a tooth ending in two points.
conclusion an ending, result, or outcome. [1/2 definitions]
divorce the ending of a marriage as recognized by law. [1/3 definitions]
everlasting going on forever; never ending.
fate an ending or outcome that had to happen because of this power; destiny. [1/3 definitions]
goodbye a word used by or to someone who is leaving or ending a telephone call; farewell. [1/2 definitions]
have one's fingers crossed to hope for a good ending or result.
inconclusive not leading to a clear outcome or ending. [1/2 definitions]
joke a short story, usually with a funny ending, that is told to make people laugh. [1/3 definitions]
keep one's fingers crossed to hope for a good ending or result.
lasting continuing for a long time, not ending.
morning the early part of the day, beginning when the sun rises and ending about noon. [1/2 definitions]
present participle a form of a verb ending in "-ing" that either shows action going on, that an action is taking place, or that action will happen in the future.
rest1 the ending or lack of motion. [1/12 definitions]
-'s2 a suffix used to form the possessive of most singular nouns, some plural nouns not ending in "s," and some pronouns.
stand an ending of activity. [1/16 definitions]
successful ending or doing well. [1/3 definitions]
terminal ending in death; fatal. [1/5 definitions]
wind up (informal) to end; reach an ending point. [1/4 definitions]