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at1 engaged in the action of. [1/5 definitions]
colonialism the practice that a country is engaged in when it takes over another country and sets up its own government and colony there. A "colony" is what the country is called that is taken over by the more powerful country. Colonialism serves the purpose of creating wealth and power for the ruling country.
engagement the act of engaging or state of being engaged. [1/3 definitions]
fiancé a man who is engaged to be married.
fiancée a woman who is engaged to be married.
neutral a position of gears where they are not engaged in an engine. [1/4 definitions]
pair two persons who are married, engaged, or living together, or who like the same things. [1/5 definitions]
sightseeing having to do with, engaged in, or used for seeing sights. [1/2 definitions]
up to (informal) busy with; engaged in (often used when misbehavior or secret activity is suspected). [1/7 definitions]
working engaged in work; having a job. [1/3 definitions]
worldly engaged with and knowing about the people, activities, and ways of the material world; sophisticated. [1/2 definitions]
wrapped up in completely engaged in; having all of one's attention.