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Andes a high mountain range that stretches along the entire west coast of South America.
brow the entire forehead. [1/2 definitions]
during throughout the entire time of. [1/2 definitions]
fully in a way that is complete, entire, or thorough; totally. [1/2 definitions]
generation the entire group of people who were born around the same time. [1/3 definitions]
graham a flour made from the entire wheat grain.
hoof the entire foot of such mammals. [1/2 definitions]
length a portion of the entire extent of something. [1/4 definitions]
mantle the layer of the earth that lies between the crust and the core. The crust is the top layer of the earth--the layer we live on. The core is the center of our earth. The mantle is very thick and makes up most of the entire planet. [1/2 definitions]
national of or having to do with an entire nation. [1/2 definitions]
nationwide throughout or over the entire nation. [2 definitions]
neighborhood the entire group of people who live in such an area. [1/2 definitions]
plate a drawing or picture in a book, often in color and covering an entire page. [1/5 definitions]
railroad the entire set of trains, tracks, workers, and equipment that make up a rail transportation system. [1/2 definitions]
run out of to use up the entire amount of.
sea anemone a small sea animal with many tentacles. It looks like a flower. Sea anemones are related to jellyfish, but unlike jellyfish they spend their entire lives attached to underwater objects.
sloth a mammal that spends its entire life in trees, using its long claws to hang upside down. Sloths live in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. They move very slowly, and their long fur turns green from algae growing in it. Sloths are related to armadillos and anteaters. [1/2 definitions]
space the area that contains the entire material world and its events. [2/7 definitions]
stair one of the steps that make up a staircase, or the entire set of steps as a whole. [1/2 definitions]
total making up or including the whole; entire; full. [1/5 definitions]
whole having the entire amount or length. [3/5 definitions]