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biomass the total amount of living things in a particular environment, measured by mass per unit of area or volume.
chameleon a lizard that is able to change its skin color to match its environment.
ecosystem a community of living things, together with their environment.
evolution the process of changing and adapting to an environment over time. [1/3 definitions]
habitat the natural environment of an animal or plant.
home one's family environment. [1/9 definitions]
medium the natural or social environment in which one lives. [2/6 definitions]
observation the act or an instance of perceiving the environment through one of the senses. [1/3 definitions]
sensitive showing a strong response to chemicals or other things in the environment. [1/3 definitions]
sensor a device that detects and responds to certain changes in the environment. Sensors respond to light, temperature, sound, or pressure and then send information to other instruments.
setting the surroundings in which an event takes place; environment. [1/2 definitions]
surrounding (plural) the environment of anything. [2 definitions]
temperature the degree of heat or cold of an object or an environment. [1/3 definitions]
uproot to force to leave a home, native land, or natural environment. [1/2 definitions]