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airline a system of transportation that allows people to fly from one place to another, or a business that owns and operates the equipment to do this.
airstrip a landing strip or cleared area where aircraft land or take off; runway. An airstrip usually is not paved and does not have the workers or equipment of an airport.
apparatus tools or equipment made for a particular task.
armory a place where weapons and other military equipment are made or stored.
barn a large farm building used to shelter animals or store equipment or crops.
cartridge a small case that holds some material or a piece of equipment. A cartridge is put into a larger device to help make it work. [1/3 definitions]
colliery a coal mine, esp. in Great Britain, including the buildings and equipment associated with it.
derrick a tower built over an oil well or other drill hole. It is used to support and move equipment. [1/2 definitions]
diver a person who works under water, using special clothing and equipment for breathing. [1/2 definitions]
dredge1 a piece of equipment used to clear solid matter from the bottom of a body of water. [1/2 definitions]
electrician one whose job is to install or repair electrical equipment.
electronic having to do with devices, equipment, or systems that use electricity in complex ways while employing very tiny parts. [1/2 definitions]
farm an area of land, along with buildings and equipment, used to grow crops or raise animals for food or clothing. [1/4 definitions]
firehouse a building in which equipment for fighting fires is kept and where firefighters meet; fire station.
game a form of play or sport having certain rules and equipment for play. [1/5 definitions]
gear any equipment, clothes, or tools used for some particular purpose. [1/4 definitions]
gymnasium a building or large room that has equipment for physical education, sports, and games.
gymnastics (used with a plural verb) physical exercises used to develop and show strength, control, and agility. Gymnastics are often done with the aid of special equipment, such as bars and ropes. [1/2 definitions]
hardware tools and equipment used for making and fixing things. Hardware is usually made of metal. [1/2 definitions]
hardware store a store that sells tools and equipment made of metal, as well as other types of tools, paints, cleaners, and various household items.
high-tech involving equipment or techniques that come from applying the newest knowledge in the areas of computers and science. [2 definitions]