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black hole a region or body in space with gravity so strong that neither light nor matter can escape it. Scientists believe that black holes form when very large stars collapse.
bolt1 to make a sudden dash or move to escape. [1/8 definitions]
break a sudden, fast movement away; escape. [1/19 definitions]
corner a position from which escape is difficult. [1/5 definitions]
doom an event or end that one cannot escape; fate; destiny. [1/2 definitions]
elude to get away from or avoid by speed or skill.
excuse a reason or explanation used to escape blame. [1/5 definitions]
flee to run away or escape. [2 definitions]
flue a hollow pipe inside a chimney that lets hot or cold air, smoke, or steam escape to the outside.
getaway an escape, especially from the police.
give someone the slip to escape from.
guard to watch over to prevent escape. [2/6 definitions]
leak to pass or escape through an opening of this sort. [1/5 definitions]
miss1 to avoid or escape. [1/8 definitions]
outlet an opening through which something is let out or allowed to escape; vent. [1/4 definitions]
Passover a Jewish holiday that celebrates the escape of the ancient Hebrews from Egypt.
run to escape by moving away quickly. [1/30 definitions]
shirk to escape from or avoid doing.
underground railroad (often cap.) a secret system set up before the U.S. Civil War to help fugitive slaves to escape to places of safety.