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afternoon the period between noon and evening. [2 definitions]
daytime the time between dawn and evening.
dining the activity of eating a fancy meal or the evening meal.
eve (sometimes cap.) the evening or day before a holiday or other special day.
formal an evening dress or gown. [1/5 definitions]
late happening toward the end of the night or evening. [1/6 definitions]
morning glory a climbing vine with flowers that open in the morning and close by evening. Morning glory flowers are shaped like a trumpet and come in several colors.
supper an evening meal.
tuxedo a complete suit of evening clothes for men that are worn on very formal occasions. A tuxedo consists of a black jacket with tails at the back, black trousers with a side stripe, and a special white shirt. It is worn with a bow tie.
weekend the part of the week between Friday evening and Sunday evening.