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balsam fir a tree of the pine family, native to Canada and the northeastern United States. It is an evergreen tree and is cut for lumber and Christmas trees.
cashew a tropical American evergreen tree. A gum used in medicine is obtained from the bark. [1/2 definitions]
cedar an evergreen tree of the pine family that bears cones. Cedars have strong wood with a sweet smell. [1/2 definitions]
Christmas tree a real or artificial evergreen tree, usually placed indoors and decorated with lights and ornaments at Christmas.
cone the fruit of many evergreen trees that has the shape of a cone and bears seeds. [1/3 definitions]
conifer a tree with cones and narrow leaves called needles. Pines and firs are conifers. Most conifers are evergreen.
cypress an evergreen tree that has tiny leaves like scales.
eucalyptus a kind of tall evergreen tree native to Australia. The eucalyptus has leaves that give off a strong smelling oil that is used in medicines.
fir a type of evergreen tree. Fir trees bear cones and are related to the pines. There are many different kinds of firs.
heather an evergreen plant that has tiny pink or purple flowers that are shaped like bells.
hemlock an evergreen tree of North America that has short needles and small cones, or the wood of this tree. [1/2 definitions]
ivy a woody vine that has shiny evergreen leaves, and black berries, and that often climbs walls or buildings. [1/2 definitions]
juniper an evergreen shrub or small tree with cones that produce berries.
larch A kind of tree that has cones and looks like an evergreen but has needles that turn yellow and are shed in the fall. [1/2 definitions]
laurel an evergreen tree or shrub that has large, shiny leaves and yellow flowers. [1/3 definitions]
lemon the tree on which this fruit grows. It has thorns and evergreen leaves. [1/3 definitions]
mahogany an evergreen tree that grows in tropical North and South America. It has hard, reddish brown wood. [1/3 definitions]
mistletoe a poisonous, evergreen plant that has white berries and small, yellow flowers. Mistletoe is a parasite that grows on trees. [1/2 definitions]
myrtle a kind of shrub that has evergreen leaves and bears pink or white flowers and fragrant dark blue berries. Myrtle is found in the Mediterranean region and western Asia. [2 definitions]
needle a leaf of an evergreen tree that looks like a needle. [1/6 definitions]
nutmeg the seed of an evergreen tree of East India. Nutmeg is made into a powder and used as a spice.