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all everything. [2/8 definitions]
alone apart from everyone or everything else. [1/3 definitions]
altogether if everything is counted or included; overall. [2/3 definitions]
comprehensive including everything or almost everything; wide in range.
environment everything that surrounds a particular type of living thing and affects its growth and health. [1/3 definitions]
experience everything done or lived through in a person's life. [1/5 definitions]
final the last test that students take in a school subject, which usually covers everything that was taught. [1/4 definitions]
finally after everything else; at the final moment. [1/2 definitions]
grand complete; including everything. [1/4 definitions]
happy-go-lucky free of cares or serious thoughts; leaving everything to luck.
history everything that has happened in the past to people or things, or a telling of these events. [1/4 definitions]
Midas a king in Greek mythology who was given the power to turn everything he touched into gold.
particular happy only if everything is just right; hard to please. [1/5 definitions]
precaution something done beforehand to avoid or prevent a danger or harm; something done to make sure everything goes well.
resort to go to or turn to for help, often as a last choice when everything else has been tried. [1/3 definitions]
self-contained having everything needed to survive or function.
tornado a storm of very strong winds that form a cloud shaped like a funnel. Although it does not last long, a tornado destroys everything in its path.
unique having no equal; different from everything else. [1/2 definitions]
whatever anything or everything that. [1/5 definitions]
world the universe; everything that exists. [1/6 definitions]