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autopsy a medical examination of a dead body to find the cause of death.
checkup an examination of a person or thing to discover if there are any problems. Having a doctor look closely at one's body to make sure one is healthy is one kind of checkup. Having a mechanic look at a car to make sure it is running properly is another kind of checkup.
cram to study hard at the last minute for an examination. [1/3 definitions]
exam (informal) an examination, such as a test given at school or a physical checkup by a doctor.
inspection an official review or examination. [1/2 definitions]
overhaul a complete examination and repair. [1/3 definitions]
physical an examination of the body given by a doctor. [1/3 definitions]
registered nurse a nurse who has completed training and who has a license to practice nursing. In order to receive a license, nurses must pass an examination given by a state government.
view the act of looking at or seeing; examination; survey. [1/7 definitions]