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a1 a grade given for excellent schoolwork. [1/3 definitions]
ace excellent or expert. [1/5 definitions]
b a grade given for good, but not excellent, schoolwork. [1/3 definitions]
better more excellent; of a higher quality. [2/11 definitions]
bloodhound a breed of dog. Bloodhounds are large dogs with baggy skin and long, drooping ears. They have an excellent sense of smell and are used to track people or animals.
capital1 of high quality; excellent; first rate. [1/8 definitions]
choice of very good quality; excellent. [1/5 definitions]
copper a reddish brown metal that is one of the chemical elements. Copper is used to make pipes, because it does not easily rust. It is also used to make wires, because it is an excellent conductor of electricity. It can be combined with other metals to make alloys such as brass and bronze. (symbol: Cu) [1/4 definitions]
dandy (informal) very fine; pleasing; excellent.
exceptional excellent or outstanding. [1/2 definitions]
fabulous (informal) wonderful; excellent. [1/2 definitions]
fancy special; excellent; very skilled. [1/7 definitions]
fantastic (informal) excellent or superb. [1/3 definitions]
finch a small bird with a bill that is excellent at cracking seeds. Sparrows and cardinals are kinds of finches.
fine1 very good; excellent. [1/5 definitions]
first-rate of the highest quality; excellent.
golden very special or excellent. [1/3 definitions]
noble of or showing a strong or excellent mind or character. [1/4 definitions]
out of this world (informal) very good; excellent.
outstanding standing out from others because of high quality; excellent. [1/2 definitions]
perfect completely enjoyable; most excellent. [1/4 definitions]