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aerobics (used with a singular or plural verb) a form of exercise that works the heart and lungs to help the body use oxygen better. Running, swimming, biking, or dance are forms of aerobics.
breathless breathing hard following a lot of exercise or physical effort. [1/2 definitions]
exercise to do physical exercise or activity. [1/6 definitions]
foam thick, white bubbles of sweat on the skin of a horse or other animal, or thick white saliva at the mouth, caused by heavy exercise or disease. [1/6 definitions]
hike to take a long walk in a natural area for fun, exercise, or training. [2 definitions]
hold1 to exercise control over. [1/13 definitions]
jog1 to run at a slow, steady pace for exercise. [1/4 definitions]
jump rope a rope held at each end and swung under the feet and over the head as a person jumps. Jump ropes are used for exercise or as a game.
lather foam-like sweat on a horse or other animal during heavy work or exercise. [1/4 definitions]
paddock a field surrounded by a fence, near a barn. Animals graze or exercise in a paddock. [1/2 definitions]
physical education instruction in sports, exercise, and the care of the human body. Physical education is taught in a school.
push-up an exercise in which a person lies face down and raises and lowers the body by straightening and bending the arms.
sit-up an exercise for the stomach muscles. To do a sit-up, a person lies flat on the back and sits up without bending the legs or using the arms.
sloth laziness; not liking work or exercise. [1/2 definitions]
suffrage the right to vote or the exercise of this right.
sweatshirt a knitted pullover shirt with long sleeves. Sweatshirts are often worn during exercise to soak up sweat.
think to exercise caution. [1/9 definitions]
tights a piece of clothing made of tight, stretchy material that covers the legs and hips. Tights are worn for exercise, dancing, or as everyday clothing under a skirt.
train to make fit through a program of exercise and diet. [1/9 definitions]
treadmill a belt or circle of moving steps that, when walked by a person or animal, causes a wheel to turn. Treadmills are used to run machines or to give people exercise.
tumble an acrobatic exercise or stunt. [1/5 definitions]