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abstract existing without physical shape or substance. [1/3 definitions]
actual truly existing, or being something that is real or true.
ancient very old; existing for many years. [1/2 definitions]
annex to make part of an existing nation or city. [2/3 definitions]
being the state or fact of living or existing. [1/2 definitions]
cyber- a prefix that means of, relating to, made by, or existing only on computers.
extinct no longer existing. [1/2 definitions]
extraterrestrial existing or coming from a place outside planet Earth.
fictional existing only in a made-up story and not existing in real life.
imaginary existing only in the imagination.
located existing in a particular place.
mythical not real; not existing in fact; imaginary. [1/2 definitions]
nowhere the state of really or apparently not existing. [1/5 definitions]
present1 existing at this time; current. [1/4 definitions]
real1 not imagined; actually existing; true. [1/2 definitions]
simultaneous existing, happening, or done at the same time.
subconscious designating those mental activities that are beyond one's awareness. [1/2 definitions]
sustain to keep (something) going or existing. [1/2 definitions]
there used to express the idea of something happening or existing. [1/7 definitions]
universe all matter and energy; all existing things, including the earth and heavens.
vanish to stop existing; to end. [1/2 definitions]