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ace a person who is a master or expert at something. [2/5 definitions]
authoritative accepted as correct and true; reliable as a source of information because said or written by an expert or authority. [1/2 definitions]
authority a source of expert information or opinion. [1/3 definitions]
chemist one who is active or expert in the field of chemistry.
consultant someone whose job it is to give advice to others on a particular subject; expert.
economist a person who is an expert in the study of economics.
expertise expert knowledge or skill.
hacker (informal) someone who is expert at correcting computer programs and is seen as a person interested only in computers. [1/2 definitions]
historian one who writes about or is an expert on history.
master a person who is very skilled or expert. [3/6 definitions]
masterful having or showing the skill of a master or expert.
masterly showing the ability or skill of a master; expert.
opinion advice or a judgment by an expert or professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, or judge. [1/3 definitions]
quack2 anyone who pretends to be an expert; a fraud. [1/3 definitions]
specialist a person who has knowledge or is an expert in a single area of study.