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a lot to a great degree or extent. [1/2 definitions]
as1 in equal measure; to the same extent. [1/7 definitions]
breadth extent or size. [1/2 definitions]
equally to the same degree or extent. [1/2 definitions]
further at or to a greater distance or extent; farther. "Further" is a comparative form of the adverb far. [1/4 definitions]
furthest to or at the greatest point or extent. "Furthest" is a superlative form of the adjective far. [1/2 definitions]
half to the extent of half or approximately half. [1/5 definitions]
large-scale large in scope or extent.
length a portion of the entire extent of something. [2/4 definitions]
magnitude size or extent. [1/2 definitions]
most in the greatest extent or amount (superlative of "much"). [2/7 definitions]
reach the extent or distance reached or able to be reached. [2/11 definitions]
scale3 degree, extent, or level. [1/6 definitions]
scope the range or extent of one's view or thoughts. [1/2 definitions]
that to such a degree or extent. [1/9 definitions]
the2 used in comparisons to show extent or degree. [1/2 definitions]
this to the degree or extent that is being pointed out. [1/7 definitions]
very to a great extent; in a high degree; extremely. [1/6 definitions]
well1 to a great amount or extent. [1/12 definitions]